Monday, September 27

Month: January 2018

Car design

Very often, many buyers, discarding all logic, knowledge and wisdom , decide to purchase a car , guided by the appearance. Yes, this often leads to frustrations and problems. It is noteworthy that most of these buyers in the future can not even explain to themselves the reasonableness of their acquisition. Why do people, contrary to reason, make such mistakes? It's all about the design of the car. Of course, the appearance of the car is not the most decisive factor that can ultimately affect your decision to buy a car, but, nevertheless, it plays an important role in our actions. After all, we all want to own good modern and beautiful cars . If you have the means, you will not ride an old ugly Toyota, when you can buy amazing new Japanese models that have become very stylish. Unfortuna...


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welding position

Welding Position Beginner's Note Here I would like to offer a brief overview of the welding positions that are most often used in practice. I will give you some information and rules on this. The images below serve only to illustrate general concepts; to accept this is not as accurate versions of the position of the torch or the like. Welding positions for fillet welds Corner seams are welded seams very often. You do not need to make extensive joint training, it is relatively easy to weld. Horizontal position This is mainly to create a weld in this position, there is no need for any special knowledge or skills necessary to perform his operation professionally. Shell position This position is also quite easy to weld and, if possible, workpieces should be prepared so that you can igno...