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Mechanical engineering quotes

mechanical engineer
Mechanical engineering folks create and shape the technological space surrounding a person, literally nurture new high technologies. The record of mankind recognize a lot of number of examples of the creativity of mechanical engineers who improved our lives. For example, Henry Ford, an American industrialist and engineer introduced in-line production of cars on a conveyor belt in August 1908. Another example , In May 1913, the Russian Knight ascended engineer Sikorsky design, and in October 1945, American engineer Percy Spencer received a patent for a microwave oven, which no kitchen can do without today. And such examples from history can be given a huge number. Archimedes - was born in 287 BC. e. in the city of Syracuse, the island of Sicily. Ancient Greek mathematician, physici...

Well inspection

METHODS FOR CHECKING THE DEPTH OF A READY WELL ON WATER In this article we will tell you how to check the depth of the well after drilling. The required depth of the well is a determining factor for the quality of the supplied water and pricing. Most owners carefully monitor this factor, because when calculating the cost, each meter is paid. If you are drilling a well under water on your own, then you still need to determine the depth of the well as accurately as possible. This is required for accurate installation of work equipment. WHAT DEPTH ON WATER DEPENDS ON The required depth of the well for water depends on which balls of soil the aquifers are placed on. You must consider the fact why you will need this well. For example, if it is needed for watering plants, then it is en...

Alloy steel welding

When connecting work pieces with certain parameters, the main task is to preserve the structure and properties of the material in the weld zone. In violation of the temperature regime, crystallization cracks and pores may occur, which leads to a loss in the quality of the connection. To avoid negative consequences, alloy steel is welded with specific electrodes in compliance with the temperature cycle, which avoids loss of quality. We will talk about technological methods and features when working with these materials. Types of steels with additives and their properties With the help of alloying additives, certain qualities are given to the alloy, such as heat resistance, low degree of corrosion, resistance to shock loads and aggressive environments. In these alloys there a...

MIG-MAG Welding

Welding is a process called one word, but performed in a dozen ways, using completely different equipment and conditions. To repair the car, both in the workshop and in your own garage, the welding semiautomatic device (MIG-MAG), which solders with the supplied wire, is most optimally suitable. Anyone can buy or order such a tool in an online store, but sometimes it is difficult for a person who does not have the appropriate professional education to choose the right candidate for the acquisition role. How to choose the best welding semiautomatic device? The answer to this question is not so simple, because each person has his own criteria for determining the best. Nevertheless, you can try to get a really worthwhile welding semiautomatic device (MIG-MAG), focusing only on logic...

understanding TIG or GTAW welding

Without welding, it is difficult to imagine aviation, space, engineering and construction, welding is in demand in everyday life. The most diverse methods of joining metals and their alloys are widely used at the present time, and an inexpensive but effective TIG welding method occupies a separate place. We will review the working methods, technologies and metals that are welded using this method. Special attention should be paid to equipment, equipment and consumables, as well as to the principles of work in an inert gas protective environment. Advantages and disadvantages of argon arc welding One of the methods of metal welding is MMA, in which work is performed by melting coated electrodes, alternating or constant (AC / DC) output current. In addition, semi-automatic MIG...

What is SMAW advantages and disadvantages

Metal welding is the process of joining materials, usually metals and thermoplastic plastics. As a rule, the joining process occurs when the surfaces of the parts to be welded melt, with the formation of a bath of molten material, subsequently, when cooling, the surfaces of the surfaces to be welded are combined at the molecular level.Modern types of welding The most common modern methods of welding metals: Manual arc welding (SMAW) - welding is carried out using electrodes - metal rods, melted during the welding process, coated with special components that protect the weld pool from the atmosphere. Non-consumable electrode welding (GTAW) - Electrodes made of refractory materials are used for welding. As a rule, welding takes place in a protective gas environment - argon...