Monday, September 27

Month: June 2021

Pipeline material

Pipeline in Oil and Gas Industry can be classified according to the service fluid that flows, namely: 1. Water Pipe 2. Oil Pipe 3. Gas Pipe 4. Steam Pipe 5. Water Instrument Pipe in ASMBE B31.3, we can see the Service fluid classification for process piping than used in Petrochemical plant. Pipeline types In the process of making pipes, there are also 2 types of iron pipes, namely: Seamless Steel Pipe Or Pipe Making Without Welding, Namely A Pipe Formed By Piercing A Cylindrical Iron Rod To Produce A Hole In The Pipe’s Inner Diameter. Seamless Pipe In The Meaning Of Language Means Pipe Without Connection. In Practice, Seamless Pipe Is Indeed A Pipe That Is Formed Without Making Any Connections At All, So That No Part Of The Pipe Is Ever Disturbed Or Changed In Material Due...