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Introduction to Flange type and size

Answering what is flange? Flange pipe is a component used to combine between two elements of pipe with valve or pipe with other equipment into one whole unit by using bolts as adhesive. So that later the two separate objects can become one part for a specific purpose. Usually these flanges are used to unite and become a single patent connection.

So with this pipe flange the effort to connect 2 parts into one will become easier. Especially for high pressure gas pipes or for water distribution systems require long pipes. So it is this tool that has the responsibility to unify the passage.
Flange type by Class

Flange or other forging names (for self reinforcement types), can be several types when viewed from the class. Namely flange class 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500# even up to 5000#. This type of flange is divided because the flange works in different pressures according to its class, the flange class is in pounds.

Flange type by size (NPS)

Pipe flanges can also be divided according to the size of the pipe. So between one pipe and another pipe of different sizes, the type of flange is different. The size in the pipe is commonly known as NPS. NPS is short for nominal pipe size, which is a nominal size used to distinguish pipes.

Discussions with a focus on what is pipe flange will be expanded by discussing several types or types of flange itself. The first flange has a weld neck-type flange name so because the shape of this flange is like having a neck that shrinks and shrinks at the end.

With the aim of the small end can accommodate smaller pipes or hoses so that it can be used to facilitate later. Most flanges of this type are used for high-pressure gas pipes.

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