Friday, April 16

Tag: ASME B31.3

wall thickness calculation as per ASME

mechanical engineer
Wall Thickness Calculation is a document that aims to ensure that the selected wall thickness value meets international standard code rules by attaching the calculation results in the form of a table. Code type used must be in accordance with the type of service passed by piping line. On this occasion, Dad Engineer chose ASME B31.3 as the basis of reference formula to calculate Wall Thickness on pipe. In addition to ASME B31.3, there is also another reference which is ASME B31.8 which is used for service pipeline. Here is the formula used in ASME B31.3 2010: t = thickness value according to design pressure P = internal design pressure value D = Outside Diameter (OD) pipe according to standard table S = Stress value material from table A-1 E = Quality factor of tables A-1A and...