Monday, September 27

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pressure rating for flange 150

According to ASME B16.5 para 2.1 Pressure–temperature ratings are maximum allowable working gage pressures in bar (Psig) units at the temperatures in degrees Celsius (F) shown in Tables 2-1.1 through 2-3.17 for the applicable material and class designation. We can say that the pressure rating (or some time called as pressure class) is the maximum pressure ( MAWP) a piping system should be capable of withstanding at given temperature. The pressure rating related to the temperature of piping system; the higher the process temperature, the less pressure can be handled by the piping system. The detail of pressure rating can be seen in Tables II-2-1.1 through II-2-3.17 of ASME B16.5. For intermediate temperatures, linear interpolation is permitted. Group of material Materials for flanges and ...