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welding inspector course

What is Welding Inspection?

Welding inspection is the use of technological applications to inspect or assess the quality of the welds. It is also to confirm the presence, location and coverage of the welds. In the field of fabricator, the welds are used to connect two or more metal surfaces. As the welds carry the brunt of loads, it can encounter fatigue which may be detrimental if proper inspection is not carried out. There are many reasons as to why welding inspection should be carried out. However, the most prominent reason is to ensure that the welds are of the quality that will allow them to carry out their performance to the max.

In most cases, quality of the welds is determined on the basis of which functions it performs. There are some few ways to tell if a weld is correct.

Who is welding inspector?

A welding inspector is an individual who is responsible for overseeing all the activities and duties of the welding staff and ensuring that everything is in proper working manner. A welding inspector’s job is to make sure that the welders work within the set quality and deadline specifications. He is also required to have advanced knowledge of the welding procedures and processes so that he can guide his subordinates when they are faced with confusion. If you want to know about the
various job responsibilities of a welding inspector, then you can go through the following given part of this article.

Welding inspection course

a. Welding Technology

  • Welding Processes and Equipment
  • Materials & Their Behavior During Welding
  • Construction and Design
  • Fabrication and Application Engineering

b. Welding Inspection

  • General introduction to welding inspection
  • Mechanical Test On Welded Joints
  • Weld Imperfections
  • Testing methods
  • Quality Assurance Principles and Level
  • Management of inspection function
  • Practical work

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