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cmms preventive maintenance software

Assets / Equipment Module

  • Asset / equipment data registration: tag number, name, location, asset code and group, manufacturer, serial number, type / model, criticality priority
  • Asset / equipment safety information
  • Asset / equipment spare part catalog
  • Electronic documents attachment such as drawings, pictures, manual books etc.
  • Shows asset / equipment in tree structure

Preventive Maintenance Library Module (time based)

  1. Create calendar based Preventive Maintenance library
  2. Create Preventive Maintenance library with detail information of work to be done, safety precautions, man-power required, spare part or consumable required, required documents.
  3. Assign Preventive Maintenance to asset’s code
  4. Transfer Preventive Maintenance into work order ready for execution

Job Library Module

  • Create standard job instruction with detail information of work to be done, safety precaution, required documents etc.
  • Assign Job library into Preventive Maintenance library
  • Assign Job Library into Work Order
  • Convert Job Library into Work Order
  • Corrective Maintenance (repair work)
  • Repair, engineering, improvement or corrective action initiated from maintenance department.

Job Request Module (request for repair)

  1. Create Job Request to repair the defective asset
  2. Assign the Job Request to corresponding responsible person
  3. Tracking the Job Request’s status
  4. Calibration (for medical / lab’s instrument)
  5. Setup calibration / certification for the analytical equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment etc. with interval based time.
  6. Attach certificates or quality documents to the asset’s calibration history
  7. Transfer calibration into the work order

Work Order Management Module

  1. Create work order with detail information of work to be done, safety precaution, man-power required, spare part or consumable required, documents attachment
  2. Generate work orders from Preventive Maintenance library, Calibration module and Job Request
  3. View all due work orders, scheduled work orders, registered work orders in certain time period
  4. view backlog and unscheduled work orders (from Job Request)
  5. View work orders for certain maintenance crew
  6. Grouping work orders
  7. Maintenance crews work load management
  8. Work Order feedback by maintenance personnel
  9. Work History record retrieval


Spare Part Catalog

  1. Create spare part data registration: identification number, name, manufacturer, technical note, spare part code and group, type/model, vendor
  2. Assign spare part to asset / equipment record
  3. Spare part documents attachment.

Inventory Control Module

  • Stock delivery registration
  • Stock coding and grouping
  • Multi stock for spare part
  • Stock reservation by work order
  • Stock inventory
  • Create stock control minimum and maximum level for every stock items
  • Generate Purchase Request for stock below minimum


  1. Handling of Stock below minimum purchase request
  2. Handling of User’s Purchase Request
  3. Handling of Supplier’s Quotation
  4. Handling of Purchase Ordering
  5. Handling of Invoicing

Documents & Drawings

  1. Create documents / drawings record: document key, document name, revision no., prepared by, checked by, approved by, last modification date, path location etc.
  2. View and print the document / drawing
  3. Attach the document / drawing to other module

Reporting & Analysis Tools Module

  1. Equipment maintenance and repair histories report
  2. Equipment maintenance cost
  3. Top ten equipment maintenance cost
  4. Preventive Maintenance Library Report
  5. Job Library Report
  6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Work Order Report
  7. Work Order Summary Report
  8. Work Order Detail Report
  9. Backlog Work Order Report
  10. Work Order Statistic Report
  11. Job Request Status Report
  12. Stock Transaction Report
  13. Stock Below Minimum Report
  14. Key Performance Indicator

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